Yinka Bernie Releases 3rd Studio Project, ‘Something New’.

Yinka Bernie Releases 3rd Studio Project, ‘Something New’.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

When Yinka Bernie’s tender baritone eases in on It’s Okay To Cry with the opening lines, “Sometimes I need to be alone”, it sets the most representative example of the bare-faced vulnerability that Yinka Bernie embodies as a creator.

After a self-imposed absence that saw Bernie collaborate with Santan Dave on his tour as a sound designer and with Amaarae as a producer on her globally-renowned single ‘Sad Girls Luv Money’, Yinka Bernie ushers himself into the spotlight with a five-track extended playlist, Something New.

Something New sees Yinka Bernie meld drum patterns that are distinctly African but collectively worldly with hard-hitting truths that are demanding but equally comforting.

Drawing inferences from Ghana with the Obed co-produced ‘Smile Before You Sleep’, and tapping into his native fuji roots on the ‘YB why? Interlude’, ‘Something New’ is perhaps Yinka Bernie’s most culturally inclusive collection yet, offering listeners something familiar but equally distinct.

The extended playlist helmed by the production from Belgium-based Sir Bastien, Yinka Bernie and Obed plays like a care package that sees Yinka Bernie make his long-waited ascent to becoming a global voice of reason for the African youth at a time when Africans locally and globally are only just finding themselves.

Listen to Something New by Yinka Bernie here

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