WTSGems: Meet The Inglorious M.O.B- the rapper set on sending beats to their graves.

WTSGems: Meet The Inglorious M.O.B- the rapper set on sending beats to their graves.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

by  Adebusola  Adebusola

The Inglorious M.O.B is an emerging Hip-Hop artiste.

Hi, The Inglorious M.O.B! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How are you coping with the lockdown.

I’m good, just chilling.
I’m The Inglorious M.O.B. a Hip-Hop artiste and MC, Nigerian born and raised, sending these beats into their graves. To be honest it’s a bit weird, feels like I’m in limbo but I’m just tryna be as productive as I can during this period.

What was growing up like for you?

Growing up was fun and carefree for me, I didn’t really worry about much as a kid just mostly went with the flow of things. I grew up in a place called PH city. Well both my parents are Yoruba so I’m just a middle class yoruba boy I guess. The best thing about my childhood for me was being around friends I grew up in a small estate with like 10 to 15 other families that I’m close with. So everyday I was having fun with my friends whether it was video games, or playing footy outside etc.

What kind of music did you listen to, growing up?

My big brother was a big Hip-Hop fan. I heard some music through him when I was quite young but I didn’t really become an Avid music listener till I was like eight or nine. Hip-Hop mostly, then any songs that made it into FIFA games basically.

Did your early music experiences influence you to start creating music?

Yeah, so in secondary school we’d have TV time on weekends and they’d be watching MTV base a lot. I think that’s where I really got into music. I remember at the time Wayne was popping and you’d see T-Pain in a lot of big songs as well and I really just started writing raps at that time under the alias “T-Black”.

When did you start creating music? When did you start pursuing it professionally?

Well for a long time I’ve been recording raps through my laptops mic and all but making proper recordings I would say about three years ago.Initially not really, no. I was just having fun for the most part. I’d say the start of 2019, when I recorded and released my first Official single “Rise”.

Who & what inspires you to make music now?

I’m inspired mostly by my life experiences and artists I like.I draw a lot of inspiration from seeing other artists do their thing really.My major influences are Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G Wayne, Joey Badass and Mos Def.

Do you play any musical instruments? Can you produce and engineer yourself?

On an amateur level yeah the piano and the guitar although I haven’t played in over a year now.Once again on an amateur level but yeah. Fully involved, however when someone else is doing the production I tend to trust their judgement a lot and try not to interfere with their creative process too much. Maybe little modifications here and there.

When you create, what’s your process like? What are some things you do to get into the zone to create?

It varies man, sometimes I have something I wanna talk about and sometimes I just need to write a song, most times it’s the latter so I just listen to TYPE beats and pen down what I’m feeling then worry about how that’ll become a song later. Getting in the zone… Nothing special really just put the Instrumental(s) on loop and get to writing, having junk food around helps too.

Do you make music for yourself or does your audience influence your direction?

Hmm. A bit of both. I make music based on my experiences and I always feel like there’ll be something(to varying degrees) that everyone can relate to.

Have you ever performed on stage? How did it feel?

Yeah, various places around OAU campus , the big one is the Amphitheatre though. Got to perform there once. Also got to perform at The Artisan Lounge in Lagos which was cool. It’s been fun I guess, I didn’t really get much time on the Amphi stage but it was alright. Other gigs have been cool as well

How is support from your family regarding your music?

Man my folks aren’t too aware of the music thing. Obviously that’s my doing, that’s how I want it to be for now.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your career as an emerging artist?

Publicity, I think my biggest challenge has been trying to get my music to more listeners although I’ve managed to make some strides recently there’s still a long way to go though.

Will you rather be independent or sign to a record label right now? Why?

I’m kinda indifferent if the terms of a deal are good then yeah a record deal is alright I guess of course it’s a bit tougher being independent but that has it;s own rewards as well.

What have you learnt the most so far in your music and life journey?

Everybody wants to rule the world also, Everything is not what it seems. Make out of them what you want (Reflect)

Many artists have distinctive visual brands. What would you say is your fashion style? Do you have a stylist?

At the moment I’m kinda hopeless in this regard. Right now it’s just a T-shirt, Jeans Sneakers for me of course I like looking fly but sometimes you don’t really have time. I have an unofficial stylist though the visual brand is something we’re working on.

How frequently do you release music? What influences your decision on when to drop music?

I haven’t been putting out music long enough to say I have a pattern or anything. Put out an EP “Psychí 2” about four months ago. Also you heard it here first I’m working on a Project for next year. If it’s ready I put it out. Being ready isn’t just the music though: promo, content etc. all need to be in place as well

Any projects coming soon?

Psychí 2 the EP was just a brief journey into where my mind state was at the time. Psychí translates from greek as Soul so yeah.

If given the chance, would you: Reinvent the wheel or build a new chariot?

I’m doing a lot of things based on how I feel to be frank so I can’t pick either side. I guess I’m somewhere in between at the end of the day I’d do what works for me whether it’s a brand new or existing system.

What’s the goal for you? What would a successful career for you look like?

Being able to eat and tour off the music would be nice.

Would you take a 9 to 5 job to supplement your income – do you currently have a job – or do you do music full-time?

Just finishing up with Uni, NYSC next maybe but yeah at some point I can see myself getting some kind of “Official work.

Where can people reach you on all platforms?

Twitter: @ingloriousmob
Instagram: @ingloriousmobig
Facebook: The Inglorious

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