WeTalkSessions — How Triller is helping African artists promote their music and reach the world.

WeTalkSessions — How Triller is helping African artists promote their music and reach the world.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Triller is an entertainment platform built for creators. A social video community where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds.

We had a chat with Joel and Claude from Triller. They both play important roles at Triller especially with regards to the African continent and we gleaned a lot of insights from them.

Holding a master Degree in Digital Marketing and E-Business with a demonstrated history of working in the urban music industry and media, Joël is the Head of Music Africa at Triller. He manages all the relationships with the labels and artists in Africa, leads the music and content curation for Africa and works on Triller’s expansion in the continent.

With a demonstrated track record in both music industry and tech industry, Claude is Triller’s General Manager, based in Paris, in charge of global expansion in Africa, he leads the day to day operations and partnerships to increase Triller’s footprint and growth across Africa.

Hello Joel & Claude. Hope you’re doing good today. How’s Paris?You’re welcome to this chat and we promise you an engaging conversation.

Hi everyone. Paris is doing great, thanks. What about Lagos?

Lagos is cool. We’re chilling. Let’s start with an introduction to the Triller platform.What exactly is Triller and how can artists/creatives use it to engage their fans and audiences?

Triller is the first social streaming platform, where you can stream your video and music while socializing. Our platform is centered on music and talent discovery.

Artists use Triller to promote their music and invite their fans to create their own music videos using our AI technology on their tracks. It’s an interactive way to promote music.

Interesting. So, is Triller more for music artists and professional content creators, or for fans who just want to have fun creating visuals with music?

Both. It’s for music artists and content creators to promote their art and for fans to engage with the music and their favorite artist by creating high quality content.

So, how do music artists get their songs on Triller? What do they need to do to have their songs on the platform?

It’s really easy, they just complete this form and their track will be live on the platform.

Once a song is live on the Triller platform, how can the artist draw attention and create buzz about the song, on the platform? Does Triller help artists create buzz on the platform?

Artists must engage with their fans and audiences, inviting them to create content on their tracks. That’s the best way to create buzz on the platform. We playlist tracks and feature content, create challenge pages, featured banners, and send push notifications to increase buzz.

Nice! How do artists reach you to get your support on their campaigns. In the form of: Playlists, push notifications, creating challenges and more. Are these available to every artist on the platform? How does one qualify to get this support?

For any question/promotion and support just ping us at: team.africa@triller.co . We always make sure to sit down with the artists’ teams, brainstorm, and come up with the best way to support the artists and creatives that are tailored to them.

Glad to know that you collaborate with artists and their teams to co-promote their music. How does a Triller challenge work? Can you please break it down?

Triller Challenges involve:

  • Creation of challenge pages
  • Playlisting the tracks in targeted countries
  • Artist featured banners by territories
  • Push notifications
  • Promo on Triller’s social media platforms
  • Feature of the artists’ video

Wow. That’s a lot of push in promoting songs. How do artists align their Triller challenges and promo with their overall song promo across other social media platforms? How does everything connect?

Triller is part of the overall song promo, we work closely with artists and their teams to make sure every part of their promotion is well connected and aligned.

How do listens, views and engagements on Twitter connect to streaming platforms? Do Triller views/plays add to artists’ streams? Please shed more light on this.

On the streaming side, each content created on an artist’s track is a direct access to a stream, on each video made with a specific track you can click on the streaming button and generate a stream after 31 seconds.

Is this tied to any specific streaming platform? And does it count towards the revenue of the artist on that streaming platform?

Today, our partnership is with Apple Music, but we’ll be connected to all major streaming services really soon – it counts toward streaming revenues for the artists, of course.

Is there a way artists can see their data – and general analytics/insights that can help them understand their fans’ behavior better?

We are currently working on that. Doing our best to improve the experience and analytics for artists.

Well done, guys! We look forward to that feature. On African music, is there any special attention you’re paying to promoting African music and spreading our music to the world?

We are pushing African music to every region of the world. We’re always looking for the best talents and the best content on the platform to promote African music to the world. We need you guys on the platform to spread African music to the world!

Are there examples of some African success stories on Triller? Some African artists & songs that have done very well on the platform? Can you share some with us?

Mayorkun’s ‘Geng’ got more than 200k fan-made videos in one month. DJ Neptune, Mr Eazi feat & Joeboy’s ‘Nobody’ song made more than 186k videos in a month. Zlatan’s ‘The Matter’ is currently the number one fast-rising song on the platform.

Also, Rema’s ‘Beamer’ got more than 100k videos in a month.

Great stuff. What makes Triller stand out from other similar platforms? What are the unique features that Triller has that makes it special? 

Our exclusive technology helps to create a professional video in a matter of seconds – just make a few takes, use our AI and you’ll get some really cool and powerful content. 

Our partnerships with labels and streaming services are big support systems for artists, we are part of their ecosystem.

On a final note, please give some advice to artists trying to blow up on Triller. What is the best way to use the platform for maximum success? Any do’s and dont’s? Any tips?

Engage with the app, encourage your fans to create for you, and use your music legally to create promotional videos. Remember that each content created with your music is a marketing tool to promote your music.

Think of yourself as the first adopter of IG. Triller is on the way to becoming something bigger than ever seen. You are open-minded and a first adopter, we can only imagine how big your future is on Triller.

You can connect with Triller on Twitter here and download the app here.

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