WANI Kicks Off The Year With “Jezebel” and “Silverspoon “

WANI Kicks Off The Year With “Jezebel” and “Silverspoon “

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

The first single of the year for shining Nigerian artist WANI comes as a two song single for his fans, “Silver Spoon” and “Jezebel”. The seamless nature of his music is reflected in the two songs bringing parallel unique moods transitioning into ease.

“Silverspoon interlude”/Jezebel by Wani

The two singles evoke different auras as “Silver Spoon” starts off with an introspective mood with the percussive drop over the mellow melody. WANI talks about the hardcore attitude of never giving up, bringing a distinctive vibe with a sombre reflective theme. “Jezebel” evokes a party feeling as the euphonious melody draws you into a spring break vibe. Drawing his attention towards a good time with a woman, he blends English and French delivering a promising dance floor anthem.


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