W3st’s pulsating “Lockdown” EP.

W3st’s pulsating “Lockdown” EP.

Friday, May 14, 2021

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Coming into the music scene with his debut EP “Lockdown”. Canadian-based Afro-pop artist Mr w3st who’s known to have previously delivered solid songs in the past has once again come with another melody-filled EP.
with tracks containing “Champion”, “My Way”, “No Love”, and “Karnal”. Mr. W3st is an artist who loves to fuse a different range of experiences and influences from the African lifestyle & way of life into his music.

The “Lockdown” EP is a carefully selected number of songs that intends to catch the attention of listeners with the instruments & sounds infused in them. He expresses life as an afro-pop artist and converses with his fans. The EP starts with the track “Karnal” featuring fellow artist Taybytheway.
On “No Love” he initiates that if there’s no money, there’s no girl that would love him as a man.

Things get very serious on “Champion” as he covers issues like his struggles and how energized he is to become a winner. The “Lockdown” EP further goes into another realm of melodies with the last track “My Way”. This debut EP displays a great length at which W3st would go to please his audience and this young talented singer hopes to dominate the music industry soon.

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