[Video Review]: Ruger’s Bounce.

[Video Review]: Ruger’s Bounce.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

by  Moyo Onipede  Moyo Onipede

I must confess that I love that this is the first video I will be reviewing. Fast-rising superstar, Ruger released his debut project after signing to Jonzing records in 2020. Following a ClubHouse session with the young act in a WeTalkSound Dissects room, it was gathered that he came in contact with D’Prince who has groomed him ever since.

A few days after his announcement, Ruger released ‘audience tester’; One shirt, featuring Rema and D’Prince. Quite frankly, it felt like the same old routine- something about suffering and impending limelight. I couldn’t wait for him to start singing about loving women and spending money which he did to no end on his Pandemic EP. The question of style and befitting titles will however not be discussed in this article.

The 5-track EP contains hardly any bad songs that I effortlessly play over and over again. Of all the songs on the project, Bounce (track 5) has been the best performing; creeping slowly up charts. The release of a music video for Bounce feels like the perfect decision to ease the upward climb of the song. A Priorgold Picture, directed by Ahmed Mosh who has worked with the likes of Dapo Tuburna, LAX, E Cool, and loads more.

From the opening credits, we’re introduced to the ‘Gangsta’ ‘she’ wants in her bed tonight. Ruger is dressed subtly but apt enough to fit this description (coupled with his signature eyepatch of course). While the song reeks of sexual intentions, the video doesn’t portray it as a dirty deed. Instead, it’s innocent, soft-toned romance as seen in the light kiss he gives the babe on her cheek and more personal interactions during the course of the video.

While some complain that their movements are too fast-paced for the tempo of the song, I beg to differ. The reason being there can’t be too many slow takes so that the video doesn’t feel too long. Plus, mostly all the POV shots are slower-paced. I would also like to think of it as the pace at which his sexual attentions are achieved- however, this is debatable.

Overall, I would give this video a 7/10. The youthful feel, color grading, chemistry, and attention to detail earn extra brownie points. Not to forget that extra detail about how sexual offenders should be handled. Generally a great video for me. Hoping you loved it just as much; let me know what you think!

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