Toni Dada Blends Drill and Afrobeats in New Single, “PDA”.

Toni Dada Blends Drill and Afrobeats in New Single, “PDA”.

Friday, October 7, 2022

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Toni Dada made his introduction to the scene with a smash single, a mellow Afrobeats track titled “Candy” featuring Zarion Uti. Just before the pandemic, he released his self-titled debut EP “Toni,” and his standout track, the more upbeat “Jojo,” etched his name among a new crop of exciting talents proliferating Nigeria’s music scene. Nowadays, Toni Dada moves fluently through Afrobeats, R&B, Drill, Soul, and Alternative music, depending on which art form best conveys his messages. Toni produces and engineers the sounds in his music.

The release of new single, PDA starts a domino effect of multi-genre releases from Toni Dada who is intent on exhibiting his unchallenging versatility. He understands that crossing over to the top of the charts is no easy feat, however, he is confident in his ability to fill a missing piece of the puzzle of Nigerian music, and stand tall in the new guard of local talent taking the country’s music global.

Toni Dada – PDA

Artfully utilizing a distinct blend of UK Drill and Afrobeats, “PDA” is a sanguine and flowery summer jam, which also takes shape as an evergreen lovers’ rock. Public displays of affection are at the core of what Toni Dada’s “PDA” encapsulates.

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