Rooky Kamiz’s debut project, “Satori Ep”.

Rooky Kamiz’s debut project, “Satori Ep”.

Monday, March 14, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Canada-based rapper and singer, Rooky Kamiz starts the year on a high note with a refined offering of his musical talents on his debut project, Satori the EP – A 7-track affair that serves as a musical thesis on the intersection between alternative hip-hop and Afropop.

Rooky explains that Satori is more than a body of work as it brings to life the Japanese Buddhish concept that examines the abstract process of awakening and becoming enlightened. And so via the 7 tracks offered on the EP, Rooky paints portraits of many emotions touching on feelings of coming of age and rising above negativities on “Truth Bomb”. While “Inna Eyes”, the standout track, takes us on a dancehall-inflected trip chronicling lust and love which swells into utmost romantic love on “The One”. Then on “Zoned Out”, we’re taken to the party after party as Rooky raps about crystal clear thoughts that jar the intoxicated mind.

Born Oghenerukevwe Jegede-Ikpen, the journey of becoming Rooky Kamiz or Rooky, the singer and songwriter had begun from the earliest days of his childhood when he was weaned
on a vast selection of music from his parents. Eventually, this love had led him to the choir of his local church and he soon took it to his high school where he started a music club and also began recording music for himself.

A poet and photographer on the side, the Canada-based act had turned hearts right from his very first single, “CNTRL”, which had earned him raving reviews and a loyal fanbase.

Rooky can be contacted via Instagram & Twitter.

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