Richie Benson Makes Unrivaled Statement With His Debut Project ‘BENZO’

Richie Benson Makes Unrivaled Statement With His Debut Project ‘BENZO’

Monday, March 28, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Richie Benson has just made a solid re-entry into the scene with his latest offering and debut project, “BENZO” with a track list that boasts of 10 singles which have already garnered millions of streams across all digital platforms.

This project exemplifies his artistic growth and versatility over the years, as he distinctively marries the existing rhythms of the growing Afrobeats sound and the new sound of its onions Afropop. Track after track, RB’s gritty vocals bring an entirely different vibe to the party, mixing in some calm melodic notes with some energetic, off-the-wall bars that only himself could pull off with such ease.

Richie Benson

Being RB’s first longform and most multifaceted release yet, he makes a case for his validity as one to watch out for. He notes that he will continue to build upon and grow from the many singles he has dropped thus far which have propelled him to the point he is at now in terms of listenership. At ten tracks we hear quite a bit of flexing and flashiness from RB that leave you feeling ambitious, stylish and lustful while painting a portrait of success, love and the many sides that follow.

Listen to Richie Benson’s ‘Benzo’ on any streaming platforms here

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