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Rema – Nigeria self-described AfroRave singer and rapper released his debut album titled Rave and Roses on the 25th of March 2022.

The artiste Rema aka Divine Ikubor announced that the 16-track album featured Chris Brown, AJ Tracey, French artiste – Yseult, and 6Lack.

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What is this analysis about?

We want to see the numbers of tweets by type, popular music tracks, top locations, and how the album conversation generally fared on Twitter.

The bigger picture?

In the future, we would want to investigate if this descriptive analysis fulfills/correlates with the artiste’s objectives like virality, streaming numbers, location discovery, and fan engagement.

In the meantime, our main focus is the original tweets because they reflect the original opinions of users.

Tweet Collection and Cleaning

What made the data collection easier is the fact that the keywords aren’t generic. Rema is a distinct artist name and so was the name of the album  – Rave and Roses

The tweets were collected using Twitter search API and we collected them for 20 days (20th of March to 8th of April). We needed to measure timeline activity a few days before the album launch and after.
There was a total of 116,780 tweets after minor cleaning. 22, 541 of those tweets were original and 94,238 were retweets.

We collected the tweets using the following keywords:

  • #RaveAndRoses
  • Rave and Roses
  • Rema Album

Here’s a visual of the Keyword Distribution:

Tweets by distribution

#RaveAndRoses made up 42% of the tweets collected, an impressive amount as that is the official hashtag to drive the album conversation.


Like the previous albums that we’ve analyzed, we see a lot of activity on the album release date, and then the conversation proceeds to lose traction for the remaining period in our observation timeframe.

No spark of original activity after the album launch, the only thing we see are sparks of retweets 4 days after the album launch(29th of March) and a week after that (5th of April).

It is a wonder why we don’t get a sustained conversation about a music project after it drops. The maximum we’ve observed is 2 days.


What are the most talked-about songs on the album? Take a wild guess? 

The visuals below showed the top 5 songs by mentions in the album.

Interesting note:

Love was the name of one of the tracks on the album – Track 9

During analysis, we did a count of the tracks in the album and Love gave us 1005 mentions which were of course inflated.

LOVE is a generic word and here’s a pictorial representation of how LOVE was applied to tweets.

A collage of tweets showing how user included the word "Love" in their tweets related to Rema's album

Our assignment involved removing the generic word and focusing on the track title.
Our number reduced drastically from 1005 mentions to 163 automatically dropping the position of the track to number 15/16.

Featured Artistes

Rave and Roses featured 4 artistes 

The visual below shows the mentions of the featured artists sorted by count

Artistes featured in Rema's album by mentions

Top Tweets

The collage below shows the top tweets in the dataset relevant to the album. We see tweets from industry colleagues, music curators, and influencers in this category.
Note: A Twitter user @Tife_fabunmi was supposed to be featured here but his account has been suspended by Twitter

Top tweets about Rema's album

Top Fans

We were able to find the top fans (based on our collection timeframe) by analyzing the highest original tweets from Twitter users.

We ensured the integrity of this result by removing bots and users who were spamming with the keywords repeatedly.

Note: The top fan @Shola58910363 has changed his username on Twitter.

Rema fans that hyped the album


Nigeria tops the list of Countries based on publicly disclosed locations of Twitter users talking about Rema’s new album. Then Lagos state takes the top spot of cities.

We have other cities featured like, London, Ibadan, Toronto, Port-Harcourt, Benin, Abuja

Locations of twitter users talking about Rema's album


Here is a summary of the analysis


We ended up with the same tweet distribution pattern which leaves little to investigate. We have always wondered why music project conversations die out after the first two days. We’ll have to do a comparison with a foreign music project to find out if it is the same.

Disclaimer: Twitter Data is temporal meaning you might not see the exact same numbers or data that were analyzed. Also, some accounts or tweets might be gone due to deletion or suspension.

In the meantime, you can listen to the album here and enjoy it.

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