Neoteric is Progee’s attempt at introducing his take on modern pop to his audience.

Neoteric is Progee’s attempt at introducing his take on modern pop to his audience.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

With the successful release of his two records in previous years like ‘BP’ and ‘Intentional’ which introduced him to the market, singer-songwriter PROGEE decides to drop his first-ever EP to get the audience familiar with his craft. “Neoteric is a summary of my art. “
I’ve done freestyles, written a lot of songs for artists, and every time I do music people ask me “Are you a Rapper or a Singer? What Genre of music do you sing?” My answer to these questions is Neoteric.

Neoteric means new or modern, a person who advocates new ideas, yes this is new, ProGee hops on any Genre seamlessly and brilliantly, he always delivers the best results. There have been multiple messages and voice notes from people praising ProGee’s art and he didn’t hesitate to share a few with us on his debut EP. Neoteric is a mixture of multiple genres and different music styles, ProGee’s versatility was evident. Like he said “My music is all about my state of mind, my art, my personality, and most importantly my growth process. I want the world to watch how I blend multiple styles of music into something new.’’

This project is an avenue to say things I’ve been wanting to say to a lot of people about my past, to those that never believed or felt it was an impossible feat, It was a conversation with my doubts too and that was me telling my doubts to shut up. The EP gets them prepared for what they are about to hear. I’m good! I know it, it took so much to get here, I’m not leaving anytime soon and they should be happy I’m here or scared at the same time.

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