MBA For Africa Releases the lead single “Manifest”  off the MBA Talent Project 2022 .

MBA For Africa Releases the lead single “Manifest” off the MBA Talent Project 2022 .

Friday, November 25, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

The Music Business Academy for Africa is a platform dedicated to developing a more informed and empowered workforce for the African Music and Entertainment industry.

“Manifest” serves as the lead single off the Album “Fuel & Flames”, MBA for Africa’s body of work featuring all the talents selected for the MBA For Africa 2022 Talent Project. The Project is powered by YouTube Music with support from, The Orchard ,and Sony Music Publishing Nigeria for Music distribution, Artist & Label services, as well as Publishing Administration respectively.

The track emphasises “Manifesting your love” whether that be a woman who blows your mind or someone you’re “addicted ” to. The song embodies youthful excitement and a joyful request for attention. It brings one’s inner child to the forefront in this carefree yet modern approach to wooing your love interest. 

The brand new single from MBA Allstars (Zaki Amujei, Mightyyout, Jola Bello, Musta4a, Adam Srae, Ekemini Jane, Taffy Ghazali and Apartment VII) is a playful ode to shameless romancing, reminiscent of kids on the block hyping eachother up.

Listen to ‘Manifest’ here

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