[Exclusive] Breakdown of the iconic ‘Made in Lagos’ artwork with team BEDU.

[Exclusive] Breakdown of the iconic ‘Made in Lagos’ artwork with team BEDU.

Friday, November 20, 2020

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Starting from a round-table discussion to evolving elements of art varying from 2D/3D motion graphics, VFX, animation, creative direction and lots more; BEDU really is a home of creative heads. Most recently working on the artwork for Wizkid’s Made In Lagos album, BEDU is breaking new grounds.

We had a chat with the team about what they do, working with Wizkid and the inspirations behind the artwork.

Hello guys, how’re you doing? Where does this interview meet y’all?
We’re doing great, writing this straight out of Lagos.

Can you tell us a bit about BEDU? How did you guys start? What’s the vision?
BEDU is a home of creatives. We do everything from design, 2D/3D motion graphics, VFX, animation, creative direction, merchandise, brand, and campaign identity services. The whole vision behind BEDU is to have a ‘one-stop shop’ for all creative design needs.

Please help us meet the team?
For the Made in Lagos project, our front liners were TSE, R.O, and Deborah, but BEDU itself is made up of a broader team of creatives as mentioned. In time you’ll get to see more of the BEDU team through our future projects.

How do you guys decide on projects to take on?
It comes down to our interest and our alignment to the vision of the project. Once these are ticked, the process and its formalities can flow. We are out to create intriguing and timeless work that pushes the boundaries.

What’s your typical process like?
Everything begins with our in house round-table discussion. This is where the team dissects a project brief to come up with a treatment or sample designs, depending on the nature of the project. This could be a call or just a sea of chats, everyone involved adds value from their unique angle. Some are sharing ideas, some are drawing them, some are adding interesting elements. This means what the client ends up getting is a rich blend and collaboration of amazing unique talents. We believe “more heads are better than one”.

What’s the most exciting project you guys have done so far at BEDU?
So far this year, we can say Made in Lagos.

How did the journey to working on the Made in Lagos creative direction begin? Who reached out to who first?
Wiz reached out to TSE.

What was the ideation process like? Was it your team that came up with the concept or it was a joint effort with Wizkid’s team?
Wiz and TSE hopped on an initial call and from there, the team went back and forth with Wiz on ideas and inspiration for months. The vibes were seamless but very deliberate.

What was the thought process behind this artwork?
We wanted the cover to be a mural of Lagos. We wanted everyone to see it, no matter where they were from, and recognize all the elements of Lagos in an instant. We also wanted to have it represented as a map so we brainstormed on topographical maps and came up with a solid fusion of mural and map, which birthed the concept.

We can see a lot of Lagos allusions and figures in this artwork. What are the key element, why did you specifically select them and what do they represent to you and Wizkid?
We picked what we felt would be some of the most unique figures to Lagos. It needed to be timeless. Some new statues and some old ones. Key elements like the ‘Lifting Nigeria Statue’ formerly at Maryland, ‘Race Course’ horses erected at Tafawa Balewa Square, ‘Liberation Statue’ of Fela now in Alausa, the Icon Nation Theatre, the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge, the White Cap Chiefs also known as the Welcome to Lagos Statue now in Epe and the Eyo masquerade. These symbols were all specifically selected because they tell the story of Lagos and are identifiable to the culture.

How involved was Wizkid in the process of creating this piece? Did he personally work with you on this – or it was his team?
He was very hands-on and collaborated on every detail of the art like a true artist. We all wanted the design to live on as its own body and we feel we’ve done just that. We connected with his management team at the latter stages, they’re all proud of the work.

How much of a part did the music play in creating this piece? Did you get to listen to the entire album during the creative process?
 No, this was made independently of the music but we understood the vibes from Wiz.

What informed the choice of colors used for the artwork?
The first full mural draft was white, like chalk but we weren’t sure it would deliver the feelings we were going for so we then brought in some colors. Cooler colors for Island themed elements, warmer colors for mainland themed elements, and everything in-between, some don’t strictly follow that rule but it was part of the infusion. The major colors on average are Green, Yellow, Blue & Red sourced from the theme of the Seal of Lagos.

How many versions/drafts of this piece were created before the final one was accepted?
Between internal discussions and with Wiz, we probably created over 30 drafts in total. Ha!

How do you want this piece to make people feel? What reactions/emotions do you want it to elicit?
Pride and appreciation. We want people who have been to Lagos to see it and smile and people who haven’t been to Lagos to desire experiencing the energy first hand.

The style used in creating this artwork – what’s it called? Have you created other works similar to this?
This idea was experimental for us but more broadly, it’s called a line art style which is familiar to many artists around the world. In this case, our stand out feature was that we infused the idea of a map and then brought it to life with various unique elements.

Were you inspired by any other artworks/artists in the creation process of this artwork? If yes, could you please share their names?
We were more inspired by the elements of Lagos rather than any particular artwork or artist. In reality, the original inspiration for this artwork was the idea of maps and murals but the culture of Lagos delivered the magic you see.

How does it feel being part of history? Creating for one of the most anticipated/monumental music projects of our time?
We feel blessed and a sense of duty to keep creating more. Art is life.

How can your team be reached?
We love our emails, so you can reach out on info@bedulive.com.

It’s been an amazing one, any final words?

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