Friday, September 10, 2021

by  Moyo Onipede  Moyo Onipede

Inspired by eclecticism, Science fiction, The Neptunes, and the thrill to create, Olisa Ogbolu, popularly known as LSMK, channels himself as a Nigerian Singer-Songwriter, Producer, and multidimensional artist. He sets a 360-degree lens for his audience as he blends music, production, art direction, and content creation.

BABE! Is a glorification of self. The 15 track project pivots from commercially saccharine pop odes to nuanced takes on obsession,
body positivity, awakening, honesty, and self-affirmation. With production single-handedly spans from handheld devices to work stations, offering a seismic plethora of samples, airy otherworldly
chords, and a larger-than-life and deliberately overwhelming sense of sound as per signature of the artist. The features are uniquely
quantified; you hear exactly enough from each artist and how they supplement the work with their own nuances, conversations, and

Passionate, smooth, and eclectic are a few words you’d use to describe LSMK’s direction as he brings a fresh burst of energy and perspective to his work. Be it music, art
direction or photography, he throws himself totally into his craft.

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Moyo Onipede

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