Let’s Gist: Timaya’s Gratitude lifestyle and album.

Let’s Gist: Timaya’s Gratitude lifestyle and album.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

by  Moyo Onipede  Moyo Onipede

A summary of our Tweet chat with the Papichulo; Timaya, following the release of his album; Gratitude.

Hello @timayatimaya, how are you doing this evening? We’re honoured to have you here with us?
Legooo…feels good. Thanks for the great work. I see it and I appreciate

Our first question is: what made you go the ‘Gratitude’ route with this album? Was it inspired by any particular events that you’re grateful for?
No events oh… ‘Gratitude’ is my state of mind, I knew I would call my next album ‘Gratitude’ before I started putting the music together… I’m grateful for everything, I’m inspired by everything in my life, all I have experienced…

Really interesting. How much would you say your background and upbringing still influences the kind of music you make today, and specifically on the Gratitude album?
My music is all about me, the things I’ve been through, not some imaginary life. Everything you hear me sing about, speak about is all real life that I have experienced so when I say ‘Chulo bothers nobody’, ‘me I no dey do gra gra’ na true talk.

When was this album recorded? Over what period of time? And where was most of it created?
The album was recorded at my home studio… I make music every day oh… #Gratitude has songs from 2018… some songs were made this year..even after I had submitted the project to my team for release I was still sending in music.

Haha. You’re a true music head. What determined the sound & production direction for this album? Also, how did you choose the producers you worked with?
I wanted this album to beat ‘True Story’. I wanted it to reflect me, my state of mind, I worked with producers who were all about the music not noise. Shoutout to @spotless36O@chrisstringz@cashsonboombeat@willisgiveDem@Orbeat_Official@wildxyouths & some other great guys

What’s your music recording process like? Can you walk us through a typical Timaya studio session?
There’s no one way I make music. Sometimes I get ideas in the club I make a voice note then send it to a producer. I can be working out when a melody comes to me, I run into the studio to record it or I record a voice note. Like I said, I make music every day.

Making music is really a lifestyle for you. What’s your favorite song on Gratitude? Which song has the most interesting story behind it?
I love all the songs on #GratitudeAlbum My favourite now is “Don Dada”. Hmmm… interesting stories… they all have stories, none comes to mind right now.

Let’s talk about the creative direction/artwork for a bit. Why did you choose that concept and what does it represent to you? Also, how much input did you have in the art direction?
The cover art!!! @iamtheOsagie almost killed me. There were at least 60 samples for it…just wasn’t connecting to them. I woke up one day think it was a Sunday, called @KingPerryy to come with a photographer, went to the beach & that’s how it came about. Shoutout to Propa Art.

What do you want the Gratitude album to represent in the future when you look back at your career and overall discography?
I want to remember the fact that I stayed true to me, true to my fans, and inspired a lifestyle of gratitude… make gratitude a habit, it’s important.

We’re really honored you spent some time with us this evening. It was a lovely chat. Thank you! Go stream the Gratitude album, guys!

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