Let’s gist: Niyola returns with a slapping single.

Let’s gist: Niyola returns with a slapping single.

Monday, December 7, 2020

by  Moyo Onipede  Moyo Onipede

A summary of our Tweet chat with Niyola, following the release of her single; Olúmorántí.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Olúmorántí’, we love it! This leads us to our first question: what inspired the song?
It was inspired by the latest events in my life. The loss of my dad and obviously covid and how upside down the world felt, which had me really confused.

How has the reception been so far and what does it feel like putting out new music? Is it any different from say 4years ago?
It’s truly been amazing! Way beyond my expectations. I am so thankful! Everything about my life feels different, to be honest.

Since your last single you’ve worked on a couple songs i.e. ‘The Self Evaluation of Yxng Dexnzl’ by MI Abaga, and most recently ‘Gidi Nights’ by Teeto. What was it like collaborating with these artists and how did it help your comeback?
Yea MI is an amazing artist. I have always been a fan of his work, so it was an honor. Teeto is also a dope rapper abs I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and Exom on the record. I just love to make good music really.

When was ‘Olúmorántí’ written and recorded? From producer, mixer, writer to A&R, how did you decide on who to work/collaborate with on this single?
It was written during the pandemic. May precisely. Moelogo is a good friend of mine and we had been talking about life some days before. He video called me while I was in the studio and we got talking, days later this song was written. I knew it was for me.

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone including creatives with a lot of us unable to record, write, or collaborate with the ease we once enjoyed. How did it affect your creativity or plans for this song in general?
It was tough at first, but I got with @Praiz8 and recorded Red flags. Being in that working environment just unlocked the block I had. @Praiz8 and @kingxnszn and @Exomagege constantly giving me the boost I needed. We made some truly amazing songs.

What do you want your fans to feel listening to this song and do you think the message you were trying to communicate with the song has been well received?
I think it’s doing exactly what I intended it to do. Help people feel ok about being vulnerable and know that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

We love your cover art (obviously) glad we could work with you on it! But let’s speak on the photography, who was the photographer and what was the idea behind it?
Thanks! It was shot by the talented Miyamadi. I wanted something that was ethereal, subtle, yet strong. The outfit was designed by @lasaraie I was truly blown away when I saw the edits. @fortuneatlas of @wtxtra designed the beautiful cover art.

We hope ‘Olúmorántí’ is the first of many more songs to come. Are you looking to release another single next? An EP or maybe even an album?
Oh most definitely Yes! I have got so much more to share. Love life abs everything in between. But I thought it was only right to be in the right mental space and be sure of what I wanted to share, abs most importantly how…. before bringing myself out there again. I am releasing a project early next year.

Who has inspired or motivated you the most to make new music?
Hmmm, to be honest, it’s hard to point at one person. Everyone from my friends to fans and anyone who as much as hears me sing a note would give me a speech every now and again but during the pandemic, a friend of mine categorically said to me a day before. But I would say that it feels like everything I have been through, led me here. Like it was by divine design.

What is it like now that you’re an independent artist compared to being signed in the past? Which do you prefer and why?
 Being in a label has its perks, but I like being independent. It’s difficult, I won’t lie… but the fact that I can be responsible for my decisions, even my own mistakes is something I cherish… Importantly the creative control.

Which new school artists excite you the most right now? Who are you listening to?
Too many to mention. I love Odunsi, Tems, Omah Lay, Fireboy, Midas the Jagaban , The Cavemen like I said too many to mention.

On your upcoming project, are you looking to explore more genres? Maybe Afrobeats? What are your thoughts on the ‘Afrobeats to the world movement’ and how much does the global audience matter to you?
I am constantly exploring sounds. I am never going to be the artiste that’s boxed in. I will explore and create as long as I make music. On Afrobeats, I have my reservations about that phrase but that’s another subject matter.

It’s been fun chatting with you Niyola, congratulations on the release of ‘Olúmorántí’, it’s nice to have you back creating music again. We’re so happy for you and excited about the project next year too. Keep shining!
Thank you! I have had a great time chatting too. I can’t wait to share everything I have got coming up. Music and so much more!!!

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