Let’s gist: Myself, an EP by Moelogo.

Let’s gist: Myself, an EP by Moelogo.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

by  Adebusola  Adebusola

A summary of our tweetchat with singer and guitarist, Moelogo following the release of myself: the EP.

You recently released #MySelfTheEP and we’re really excited about it. How do you feel about the reception it’s gotten so far?

I’m very pleased with the reception. My supporters always have my back and i thank God for that always.

Great to hear that, Moe. was the inspiration behind #MySelfTheEP? What were you hoping to achieve with this project?

For my supporters to have a clear and better understanding of how i live , think and just my overall thought process.

How does ‘Me’ connect to ‘Myself’?

“ME” was more of me accepting the things that happened in my life and “Myself” is me realising and having a more positive outlook on life.

Really interesting. Can you shed some light on the creative process for #MySelfTheEP? How did it all come together?

The creative process was beautiful, some i did while i was in Nigeria last year and some i did while i was in Los Angles and i finish the rest in the UK.. But overall it was an amazing process.

Can you tell us what it felt like working with M.anifest & Incisive on this EP?

Those are my brothers M.anifest and Incisive i sent them the tracks and they replied instantly No ifs or but.

Really good to hear. You have a lot of amazing credits – songwriting & features – with some exceptional artists. How did you get into songwriting for other artists?

I was bored and i wanted to see what my words and melodies sound like with others.

Wow. And we trust it has been eazily rewarding too . What advice would you give an emerging artist who’s trying to get into songwriting for others as well?

MAFO !! Don’t break and work smart but most importantly trust GOD.

Are we expecting any videos from #MySelfTheEP anytime soon?

This is self funded project so please mind your speech.. LOL I’m joking but Kashimawo.

Someone wants to know if we should be expecting a joint project with @adekunleGOLD anytime soon?

I’m not sure you guys are ready for that or Adekunle Gold my son what you think ?

Haha. We’re ready o. You guys please make it happen – @moelogo x @adekunleGOLD. What’s the plan for 2021? Do you have any other collabs or writing credits coming up that we should be excited about?

LOADIN!!! and to stay alive in great health 🙏🏿

Some emerging artists are really excited about the prospect of getting mentored by you on songwriting. Is there anything like this in the works?

Yes there is and hopefully i can do this while I’m situated in Nigeria 🇳🇬

That sounds really exciting to us. When you’re ready to do it, we’d really like to partner with you on that. Do you have any special words for your fans and supporters?

Possibly early next year inshallah and yeah please do come on board.. My words to those who support me is that may you never fail at what you love doing and you’ll find favour always. 🙏🏿

This was a really exciting chat, Moe. We will keep supporting and anticipating more beautiful music. Thank you for honouring our invite.

Thank you for having me and supporting ❤️

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