Lago – Malaria (Acoustic)

Lago – Malaria (Acoustic)

Friday, May 21, 2021

by  David Olayiwola  David Olayiwola

In 2017, the Vibez Dynasty artiste, Lago amassed considerable fanfare with just the song “Malaria” and now he’s decided to strip himself back to his bare bones with a raw, unadulterated rendition of the song in an acoustic version.

Accompanied by the mellow tones of the keyboard, Lago opens with an enthralling hook, “I saw this fine girl for my area, at once I became love sick malaria” likening his love for her at first sight to the disease and setting the tone for what turns out to be an RnB song about love and its throes.

As the song continues, he repeatedly confesses her effect on him, “You be the girl wey dey burst my brain,it’s on you if I go insane” showing that he’s truly enamoured by her.

The mellow tones of the keyboard and Lago’s killer riffs evenly contrast and the compelling lyrics of the song explore the deeply rooted concerns he has about his sudden enchantment evoking highly charged emotions.

Lago seeks to spread good “vibez” with his music and to have the world resonate with the passion and joy that Music brings him.

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David Olayiwola

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