King Flame says to have a glass of wine.

King Flame says to have a glass of wine.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

by  Adebusola  Adebusola

The music scene has been on a high note lately with good music releases here and there and King Flame’s Glass Of Wine is a worthy addition. King Flame’s passion for creating and collaborating is obvious as he partners with 12 artists and 8 instrumentalists on this album.

King Flame tells a relateable story of love, happiness and heartbreak in a unique manner. He captures the spectrum and essence of love in this project. This 8 track album is undoubtedly an enjoyable one.

The album opens with an instrumental in Intro that gives a glimpse into the magic of love in Pink Sky. We enjoy a soft vibe in Oloomi before getting into Slow Down. In Love Sick, vocals flow in sync. We are enjoined to slow dance and have a glass of Wine. There is a fun interlude in 50 that prepares for the goodness of Crazy Emotion.

This project is aptly titled as it makes one want to curl up with a glass of wine and gets you into the mood to chill.

Enjoy a glass of wine, its good for your heart.

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