Jbold Releases New Single, ‘Samankwe’.

Jbold Releases New Single, ‘Samankwe’.

Monday, August 1, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Fast-rising Afropop sensation, JBold has released a new single Samankwe (which means collect) after taking a break to evolve and refine his craft. With recent releases like Firewood, Gentlemen, Magodo to Mzansi, JBold sets the standard for his upcoming single.

JBold – Samankwe

With his new Vynchie-produced track and amazing sound, JBold is inches away from the limelight. JBold discovered his penchant for music at the age of five due to his father’s influence and since then, he is steadily developing himself and expanding his creativity as time passes.

JBold is definitely an artist to look out for due to his unique sound, impeccable flows and use of catchy phrases and hooks.


Born Emmanuel Omonigho Njambo,
Jbold grew up in a musically inclined family of 6 with his Father being a performer and a multi-instrumentalist. Being exposed to various artists and different genres of music as a child, Jbold. started putting together his own songs from the
early age of 5.

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