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by  Moyo Onipede  Moyo Onipede

It needs to be mentioned that the term “music artists”, is only used for the sake of simplicity. A better term to describe the duo would be a “self-sufficientrecord label in human form”. Theirultimate goal of course is to have their music make a meaningful impact back home, but anybody who knows the nature of the industry would understandably and quickly shut downthis motive as impossible and far-fetchedgiven the current conditions they find themselves in. 

According to them, they knew what the task ahead carried and the 0% success rate they were up against but believe Naijanada is here to be a blueprint for others and change the entire narrative.Naijanada, the album, is made up of 9 songs thathold more content than the usual love-themedmusic that most are used to in today’s climate.
One can feel the intent to tell their story from a passionate and unique point of view right from the first track, “Try” where they emotionally but fiercely describe their trials, tribulations and victories from an angle that most would not attribute to people who leave the motherland for greener pastures.

However, the second track, “Fashi”, reduces the intensity a bit and dives into a calmer realm of love and romance that most are used to in today’s music as the artists glide the beat with smooth vocals and sultry words in an attempt to woo their respective heartthrobs.
The 3rd track, Higher Bounce, then transitions into the artists’ bad boy persona with heavy kicks and spooky vocals and melodies alongside fellow local artist, Skillo J, who is interestingly the only feature on the project.

The rest of the album touches a lot more topics and themes ranging from immigration to surviving hate, even to an interestingstory on how the duo shot their shot at their respective interests. The album could be described as anything but vague and shows the range King Majik and Bawse have in their arsenal. Only 9 songs were shortlisted intentionally, in an attempt to keep the listeners’ attention and increase replay value while painting vivid pictures in their heads for just 30

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