Introducing L-Easy’s Debut Project – The Maturation.

Introducing L-Easy’s Debut Project – The Maturation.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

by  David Olayiwola  David Olayiwola

Lucky Obibi Oghnechawuko known by his stage name L-Easy grew up on RnB & Hip-Hop stars such as Jay-Z, Pharell. The song ‘Ambition by Jay Z Ft Pharell, inspired him to try and rap with his first release 6 years ago, beginning his on-going journey into music. 

His sound which is a fusion of classic Hip-Hop and RnB with an influence of AfroBeats is displayed on his new project titled “The Maturation”. L-Easy takes the back seat from the mic and instead takes the role of a producer, bringing an array of amazing/potent artistes who all hail from his home town Port Harcourt.

The debut project is a musical showcase of range, sonic fusion, and putting together different sonic soundscapes to create a diversified body of work. It beautifully blends an array of artists with different sounds all adding a layer of musical genius to each track.

L-Easy hopes, with the project–– “When people listen to these records, they would not hear countries or religion or race but the universal language, so when they vibe to the songs from America to Jamaica  and the motherland, they’ll vibe together with one voice, if that is achieved then his dream would have come true”. 

Listen to “The Maturation” here.

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