Insignes Attorneys: Every creator needs an entertainment attorney.

Insignes Attorneys: Every creator needs an entertainment attorney.

Monday, August 31, 2020

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The new law firm launches to provide legal support to creatives across Nigeria.

So you create – you write, make music, movies, paint, and so on for a living, but don’t have an entertainment attorney protecting your creations? You might have to rethink your priorities. This is because an entertainment attorney is one of the most crucial – if not the most crucial – persons you need on your team as you progress on your creative journey.

As a creator of content, your most valuable asset is in your intellectual property (IP). This is the content you create, and if that content happens to be original, then your IP is even more valuable.

So what makes my intellectual property valuable?

Contrary to popular opinion, your intellectual property – your content – is not valuable by itself; the value of your intellectual property lies in the copyright and attendant rights that are attached to it. These rights give your content value, and without them, your content isn’t worth much. 

Why do I need an entertainment attorney?

You need an entertainment attorney to help you protect your content -plain and simple. Copyright and the ‘bundle of rights’ attached to it tend to be a tricky and complicated subject, and depending on the content – music, film, and so on – in question, it can get even trickier and more complex. 

An entertainment attorney will help you navigate this complicated maze of rights, and in preventing stories that touch regarding the protection of your content. Unfortunately, several such sad stories exist in the entertainment industry – both at home and abroad – of creators who were exploited in one way or another by those they entered into agreements with.

How can we help you?

At Insignes Attorneys, we are a full-service law firm focusing, in part, on creators and the creative industry. We are here to ensure that all your rights and interests as creators of content are secured, protected, and ready for maximum exploitation. We operate virtually and offer a free first-time consultation to all creators. We look forward to joining you on your creative journey.

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