Clinton K. Releases New Album, “Yours Sincerely 2.”

Clinton K. Releases New Album, “Yours Sincerely 2.”

Friday, October 21, 2022

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After the release of his critically acclaimed debut studio album Yours Sincerely, the fast-rising Hip-hop star feels the need to establish himself even more as a rapper in the Afrobeats-infused “nail painting, style jacking industry”.

The just-released sequel “Yours Sincerely 2” starts up with a song titled “Not Your Average” where Clinton K. plays out a scene of him overthrowing the king of the rap game.

The Intro sets the tone for the entire project and early critics have taken this to mean that the rapper intends to bully or force his way into the industry. So many have claimed that he is right in doing so as Hip-hop and Hip-hop lovers have been relegated in the last ten years to the rise of Afrobeats.

Clinton K. described his journey in the music industry on track 3 ‘Coldean Lane’, citing incidents of getting scammed of monies paid for promotion and being unable to get his music on radio amongst other things he has had to deal with as a new face in the industry. He believes however that these challenges are meant to prepare him for greater things to come.

Clinton K. is a true Hip-hop MC who embodies the glory of the legends before him and gives hope to the young generation. His just-released album is a bridge where true Hip-hop meets conscious music.

On the outro he restates that regardless of whatever it is he has going on, he would never lose sight of the things that matters most in life.

“All the money and the fame when you die leaves, only thing that lives on a good name”.

Listen to ‘Yours Sincerely 2’ here

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