Chimzy’s Insomnia project.

Chimzy’s Insomnia project.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Afro-fusion artiste Chimzy’s long-awaited project, Insomnia, was born from months of sleepless nights, as the artist pondered his future. The music on the tape is the fuel that kept him going through those long, dark days. He set out to create the sounds of the feelings he was experiencing, while simultaneously resolving to take his career to the next level by carving out his place in the industry.

Despite the ominous theme that both the EP’s title and cover art depict, Insomnia is full of buoyant afro-fusion tracks that express a range of emotions, from desire to disappointment to delight. Abuja-raised and Houston-based, Chimzy is confident that his unique experiences on his musical journey set him aside from his peers. Insomnia is a capsule of the artist’s emotions, taking his fans on a turbulent yet melodious journey that showcases his writing ability and musical prowess in one.

Normally sets the tone for the rest of the tape. Chimzy is smooth and confident as he rides the afro-pop beat, discussing the “tribulations” that made him who he is today. On Bati Bati, Chimzy reveals his lover-boy side. The mid-tempo beat allows his voice to shine through, while the catchy hook, combined with deep bass and soulful synth in the background,
make for a memorable track.

Level is easily the standout track of the EP. Chimzy and Teni celebrate hedonism and good-living over an addictive amapiano beat that will leave listeners dancing and wanting more. On Rude Boy, Minz joins Chimzy for a sultry afro r&b duet featuring tenor and bass that blend seamlessly together. Trading verses over a brilliantly produced track, both artists make a sensual bid to the listeners’ ears and waists.

All my love addresses the struggle of making one’s own way, while also trying to give love to someone else. The background sax punctuates the bouncy beat, creating a feeling of intimacy, despite the high tempo that indicates a dance tune. Better Days is full of hope. The passion in Chimzy’s voice is evident as his voice soars over the beat.

He toasts to a brighter future over an upbeat afro-fusion track produced by Ramoni. In the outro to the project, Chimzy concludes the song with an uplifting voiceover that encourages listeners to keep on
keeping on, no matter how tough the road gets.

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