Big Novie Makes Bold Statement with Debut Album ‘Late Night Shift'”

Big Novie Makes Bold Statement with Debut Album ‘Late Night Shift'”

Friday, March 17, 2023

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Big Novie, a young Nigerian artist rising through the ranks, has released his new album “Late Night Shift” which showcases his passion and emotions through his melodies, raps, and songs.

The album features soulful afrobeats that perfectly complement his style. One of the album’s standout tracks is “HTM,” which captures the essence of Big Novie’s sound and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

“Late Night Shift” is a musical journey that takes listeners on a ride through Big Novie’s experiences, from vivid encounters with women to his lofty aspirations of reaching the pinnacle of his profession.

Each song on the album holds its own, with “Pussy Killa” being the single that led its release. The album also features the twisty “Saweetie.” Late Night Shift” is an experience worth a listen at least once, if not more

Overall, Big Novie has delivered an album that makes a statement of his place as a rising star.


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