Baby 4ace” Debuts With New Single, “All Night”.

Baby 4ace” Debuts With New Single, “All Night”.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Ayomide “Baby 4ace” Alii is a Nigerian-born rapper/songwriter who
grew up in Chicago, USA. In a swiftly growing city full of newcomers,
Baby 4ace emerges with raw energy.

Losing his dad at a tender age led to a newfound love of writing songs
which was a tool for him to be an all-around creative, tapping from
inner thoughts and inspirations.

Baby 4ace debuts with a sexy number for the
“All Night”- long and early morning unwind moments.

The tune, lyrics and flow invokes a good, sensual and nostalgic feel
which helps you connect more with the music. The beats are
designed to make the hips and shoulders flow. “All Night” is
produced by ace audio engineer Under Gee.

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