April Maey’s “Airplane Mode” EP is a Journey of self-discovery

April Maey’s “Airplane Mode” EP is a Journey of self-discovery

Thursday, December 15, 2022

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

Following the success of her feel good summer single, “Sweatshirt,” and her latest release, “Far Away”, R&B songstress April Maey caps off the year with a 5-track EP that is a kaleidoscope of shifting emotions “Airplane Mode.

The EP combines smooth beats with soft vocals to create a soundscape that reflects the feeling of being disconnected, but also the excitement of leaving everything behind. Using R&B and Hip-Hop, it expresses a loss in social connection mixed with the boost you get from a fresh start.

“Airplane Mode is a lyrical poem about feeling lost in your own world, and the journey to discovering oneself” – April Maey.

Each track maps out the journey of finding yourself: it’s about feeling lost in your own world and discovering something new. Through moody soundscapes layered with heartfelt swooning vocals and authentic rhymes, Airplane Mode paints a picture of feeling disconnected from the world, yet still striving to build meaningful connections within it.

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