Andremussic & Boluhwtf Shares A Superficial Love Story On ‘Sensual’ – Project Review

Andremussic & Boluhwtf Shares A Superficial Love Story On ‘Sensual’ – Project Review

Sunday, November 13, 2022

by  David Olayiwola  David Olayiwola

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Andremussic joins forces with Boluhwtf – a record Producer, audio engineer & songwriter – to produce an impressive 3-track EP, ‘Sensual’. The project touches on the dynamic relationship and entanglements characteristic of the Lagos dating scene, as experienced by the two young acts who grew up in the city.

The project opens with the title track, an upbeat RnB tune that expresses intense attraction to a love interest. Boluh and Andre deliver verses describing their feelings about this sensual fling.

The story continues on ‘Tonight‘ , cut from the same cloth as the opener. The song details casual intimacy but with a tinge of distrust as expressed in Andremussic’s opening lines, ‘All the things you used to feel for me went down the drain cos you always tried to steal from me‘. However, it maintains the project’s sensual theme with raunchy innuendos backed by sultry instrumentals.

The love story reaches an anticlimax on ‘Jaga Jaga’ – a personal favourite. The theme here is an antithesis of the first two tracks. While on the earlier tracks, the boys tolerated noncommittal relations, on this one, they seek clarity and transparency from their lover. The sober instrumentation lays a perfect backdrop for this tale of unrequited love.

Sensual is a cohesive project with an impressive thematic progression between tracks – a rare feat in modern Nigerian music. However, the project is too short to make an emphatic statement in the careers of both artistes although it just might be their most important body of work yet.

Listen to ‘Sensual’ here

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