About this beautiful ‘Beautifully’ song.

About this beautiful ‘Beautifully’ song.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

by  WeTalkSound  WeTalkSound

FAVE, one of the next-rated voices of today’s contemporary Afro-beat music era, entered the music scene about 16 months ago, with “DAL”, followed by sophomore release “M.O.M.M.S”- landing her first hundredth thousandth Spotify stream within months of release.
In March 2020, Fave’s freestyle to a Jinmi Abduls beat went viral on social media, eventually becoming her third release; “NBU”- landing her recognition from both onlookers and industry’s biggest names. NBU, a year old, is Fave’s biggest release to, date with a combined stream count of half a million across DSPs.

The sleeper hit had risen up local radio charts again towards the end of 2020 following an impressive live performance version with beat-making prodigy P.Priime on YouTube. Beautifully is FAVE’s first release since the year-long break after NBU release last year.
“I think every day someone discovers a new way to describe love- A new name. A new phrase. You know it’s beautiful. You know it’s wonderful. You don’t know when you call it Beautifully Wonderful Love out of the blues…”

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